Harp Micro Cities

Live, Work, Experience!

Remote worker? Harp is for you. 

Live and work in a community with other like-minded people.

Made For Remote Workers By Remote Workers

A micro-city is a perfect place for any remote worker,  including freelancers, digital nomad, tech-startups and remote students who need space, fresh air, lots of WiFi, and good vibes. 

What our Micro City offers

What do we need? That’s what we ask ourselves when we create a space for as us as remote workers. We need a good living place, a comfortable working space, good food and security. We’d love to create friendships and feel part of something. We also want self development. 

Note: not all facilities and services may be available in every Harp location.


From private apartments to co-living apartments down to shared rooms. All with kitchens and private bathrooms.


Clean air, meditation, Yoga, gym, organic food.

Experience Room

The experience room is for Harpers to gather together and enjoy hobbies, learning and friendship. Learning how to cook or play a guitar and such by Harpers for Harpers.

Work Space

Open spaces of co-working, private meeting rooms, printers and video room for great social media stories.


Our goal is to create in each Harp sport facilities such as tennis court, volleyball and other sports.

Spa & Wellness

Yes we need it. A Jacuzzi, a sauna or a massage. It might be included in your package or might be extra.


Different events and activities such as Movie room, reading areas and common spaces to chill and chat.


Water is a therapy. It also can be a place to chill or have pool games and events. And of course a pool party!

Restaurant & Bar

We all want to break free from time to time. Bar parties and events. Do we have to explain food?


Buy local products, from fruits and vegetables to cheese and meat. Get all your daily needs such as hygiene products and more. Also enjoy fresh baked cookies from the Harper chef or other Harpers.

And Some Important Extra Services

To make a place your home, you might need some extras.


You can clean you space or pay for cleaning if you really hate it.

Storage Room

Well, have you been traveling and were afraid to collect stuff because of space? it's going to change when living in Harp.

Mailing & Address

Weather you make a living by endorsing products or wants to order products online, postal service and an address is something we all need sometime.


We all need to know that we can pay our bills to sleep well at night. Creating Harp will allow us to match professionals to companies or service seekers.

Founders note


11 countries in 7 years.

Finding a good place, at a reasonable price in a good location. Oh yes, and with good internet connection. A place where we won’t feel lonely or insecure

Being location independent is not a trend anymore. it’s a lifestyle that needs a new approach to the home concept.

We’ve decided to take this lifestyle a big step forward and create a global network of homes for remote workers.

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