Work or volunteer for Harp

Fully remote | flexible working hours 


Everything from written and visual content creation to social media marketing. 

Community & Events Manager

In each Harp location we are looking for community and events manager. The required skills are being super social, understating people, companion and networking with locals as well. 

App & Web Developers

Harp needs website and mobile applications. Some of the reasons are marketing, some are operational. As our tenants are always on the go, lots of challenges are awaiting the tech team. 

Interior Designers

You help us, we help you

Why be a volunteer in Harp? because it’s going to be fun and you’ll get a place to live in. You can work in the garden, help us in social media marketing, be a chef for fellow Harpe’s or lead yoga classes in the gym and other activities. 

Apply for a position

Please attach you CV in a pdf file only