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The founders story

The story begins

As it turns out, the founders were living a digital nomads lifestyle before they even knew that the term digital nomads exists.

This story starts in the Israeli summer of 2012. Rotem talks with her mother Hila and her father about her future. Both her parents are entrepreneurs and they had one rule for Rotem. “Whatever you choose to do, make sure you don’t limit yourself to a location.”

At that time, Rotem’s parents were operating subscription websites for a living. They’ve prepared the financial basis for a location independent lifestyle.


London station

March 2013. Rotem took with her one big suitcase and a one-way ticket to London. The goal was to check the option of living there, finding a new place to call it home. After five-month Hila joined her with her own suitcase and a one-way flight ticket. London for them was a bunch of good memories from the time they used to live there between 2002 to 2005 but not the place they see themselves settling in the Kingdom.


The journey start

Hila and Rotem packed their suitcases and flew to Toulouse, then to Madrid and from there to Andorra. Andorra was magic. Such a small and beautiful peace of haven.

Meanwhile, Hila’s husband (Rotem’s father) joined the two. They lived and enjoyed it for 5 months. Hila even got the blessing and endorsement from the Andorra economic minister to start a local hi-tech startup.

During the whole time that the founders’ family is traveling, what enables it is the online business that Hila and her husband built in 2003. So few hours a day to keep the business going and the rest is free to enjoy and work on new opportunities.

One day during our shared hiking in the beautiful Andorra mountains, we’ve decided that we want a complete change of scenery and to take a break from the western world.


Welcome Costa Rica

Now, the three replaced their suitcases with rucksacks and hello Costa Rica. Traveling for 6 hours from San José to a small village on the Pacific ocean shore in a bus that reminds them of Indiana Jones movies was quite an ‘experience’.

So here they are, living in a beautiful house on the mountain, a pool and a most amazing 360° view of the jungle and the ocean. Nature life is breathtaking. A family of monkeys is passing from tree to tree right in front of them while a huge Iguana staring at them.

So in this mini heaven, the family caught the startup bug again. Several ideas came by and eventually, the founders started a new social startup from scratch. Armed with just laptops, lousy internet, and electricity most of the time they started a new adventure.


Moving on

As amazing as Costa Rica is, having Monkeys as beta testers is not a viable option. So the family packs again their rucksacks and move on to neighboring Panama city. There they continue working on their startup for a few more months. As it turns out, Panama is not the best place to gather around experienced developers and hi-tech professionals. So the founders are moving on again…

Welcome back to Europe

On a plane to the first world again. This time Bulgaria. Living is affordable, many high tech talents around; sounds good. The reality is not so promising and the family is soon moving on to another exotic location.


Hello Georgia

Flying to Tblisi, Georgia, the founders’ family is ready for a new adventure.  Living in a big house, picking grapes from vine bushes at home, the founders are soon running a company with 12 locals and some remote employees. 

Two years went by quickly. Hila is driving the startup forward business-wise and Rotem is in charge of the product and the day to day management. Rotem also self-studied graphics design and product management 

Yet to make it big, one needs to move to where the action is…


Welcome Berlin

Flying to Berlin. Wrapping up the previous startup. Hila is exploring her artist within, hilapeled.art while Rotem is working as a remote freelancer, consulting individuals and companies. After facing many difficulties in the local rental markets and some serious research, Hila came up with the idea of solving people’s problems in the rental market of Berlin. So Hila and Rotem created easy move berlin business and soon Rotem took over managing and operating it.


Bye Berlin, welcome Lisbon

After a series of events (in a later post), Hila came up with a huge idea that has the potential to revolutionize the way many people will live.

After a few months of research and several travels, Hila picks Portugal as the potential first implementation of what will later be known as Harp micro-cities.

So the founders’ family is moving again to Lisbon.



Each place with its unique moments, stories, people, culture and memories. Tbilisi was the first place they have started to collect properties. Their move from Tbilisi to Berlin was with five big suitcases and three cabin trollies. When Hila and her husband moved to Lisbon, they needed DHL to take several boxes.

When the Peled’s tell their story to people, the replies are ‘WOW, what a fun life’. But anyone who lived the nomads’ lifestyle for some time knows the difficulty that comes with it.

It’s a complex relationship. On one hand, the thrill of getting to know a new place, a new culture, new people and seeing the world. On the other hand, there’s a need to have a home.

What made the family connected to someplace more than others? It’s mainly a place we love staying in and meeting amazing people.


What’s next?

Home is where Harp is. So every country with Harp micro-city is Hila and Rotem home.

What they have learned from being in 11 countries in 7 years

Living and working remotely as nomads is extraordinary. The problem is that it’s hard to maintain this life for the long-term.

Thus Hila and Rotem have decided to take a step out from their comfort zone and accept the challenge of solving it. They became real estate entrepreneurs. Their goal is to make a network of homes for remote workers.

They’ve analyzed the most basic needs of what makes a place a home and came up with the idea of Harp.

Harpers will be able to store their surfboard in the Harp next to the beach or their Mountain Bikes at the relevant Harp.

One can contact other Harpers in advance and maintain long-term relationships with our Harpers app. You can have an address and a place for your guests to visit. You can have your quite days or join the common area. And it will be cheaper than living in New York or London.

Some picture from the journey