Harp Team

HArp core team

Hila - Harp Vision and Execution Manager

hila peled - Harp leaderI’m the visioner and driving force behind Harp.

With my relevant business experience, out-of-the-box thinking and determination for success, I believe I’m the perfect leader for the new Harp lifestyle.

As a talented and highly accomplished entrepreneur, I’ve founded several successful businesses.

Fresh out of university, I managed a 17 employee’s food factory and turned it in just 18 months from barely profiting to great success when it was sold with big profit to a food giant.

My next job was a marketing VP in one of the largest Israeli food companies. There I excelled for years and established my respect and reputation as a talented manager and an admirable businesswoman. I’ve shown market understanding, decision making, motivating others and problem-solving.

Moving on to 2003. I’ve quickly captured the new online business. I advanced from zero knowledge to hero in just three months. I started a successful subscription-based website with my partners.

Since 2013, I am experiencing the remote working lifestyle. Traveling and living in 11 countries gave me an inside understanding of this emerging way of living.

In the jungles of Costa Rica, I’ve started a new type of social network with two other family members. Two and a half years, the startup was live but since it did not meet expectations, I’ve decided to end it.

In 2018, I’ve returned to my frozen passion, real estate. I had it in me all the time, since my childhood when I accompanied my father, a real estate contractor, to his business meetings.

While living in Berlin, I’ve detected a market need for helping people to find rental apartments in Berlin. So I founded a successful real estate business, easymoveberlin.com. My daughter Rotem later took over running and expanding this business.

In 2019, after hearing about the problem of ghost villages all over Europe, I realized that there is something big about them. Adding my business understanding of changes that are happening in the high-tech world and the growth of remote working.  Of course, I have my own seven years of personal experience of the remote working lifestyle.

In one magical moment, I realized exactly what needed to be done.

So I thought of an innovative solution for remote workers and digital nomads, abandoned villages and overcrowded cities.

To make it a reality, I founded with Rotem a company, Harp Micro Cities.

BTW, I’m also an enthusiastic artist (hilapeled.art)

Rotem - Cross Harp Operation

I am in charge of Harp execution and management. I am a commercially astute and determined clear thinker with several years of experience setting up and operating start-ups.

Making a business successful requires connecting a lot of different dots. The understanding of the importance and value of each dot and how to connect everything together is what I admire in my job.

My background and life experience have gotten me to learn these abilities and skills. 

From learning online marketing for my online jewelry shop to understanding the foundations of what makes a business work.

I’ve recognized the importance of a good product and most importantly making a product that your target market actually needs. I’ve learned that from my online shop, the social media network that we’ve built and from my real estate business, Easy Move Berlin.  And of course, the most important part in any business, understanding its clients. 

If today, you were able to rebuild your city, how would you do it?

How life in a city should be like? How living in a community looks like? What should be the give-and-take relationships between the city and its citizens? How do we make a city more green and safe? How can we reduce its costs?

These questions are what I and my team deal with every day in making Harp micro cities a reality. It is my job to find the right answers to each.

We’re looking for the right balance between living and working. How to explain and spread the Harp experience and its business model.

After going up the ladder of a self-made business… After working as a freelancer for many different products and companies… After understanding how to use my User Experience knowledge in daily life operating a successful business…

I am 100% ready to make Harp the big business it should be. The home for location-independent communities worldwide

Harp Architects

The wandering nature of the human race and its spatial fixation by the wheat have already been written by barbed-wire words. Even on the release of mankind from the bonds of bondage of the grain and the industrial revolution, we do not feel the need to explain words.

However, to the winds of the WI-FI from the west and east that have excited us over the past decade, which cut off the tent pole and drove its social canopy, we are now required to live.

No more survival roaming in search of food source and running water.

Migration of choice, a search for enrichment as a result of a cultural encounter

No longer tribal seclusion, but a challenge to political boundaries that differentiate one from another.

This movement of remote working, which is expected to hold about one billion people in the next decade, is the beginning of a political social change that is to sweep all of humanity in the coming century.

Some Bau architects work

Harp Political Consultant and content strategist

My role within Harp is to make sure our revolutionary message comes across clearly, strategically, and effectively. Our solution is self-explanatory, compelling and captivating; yet the challenge is bringing it to those who could benefit from it; be them decision-makers at municipal, national and European levels; investors and developers; and of course our growing community of Harpers.

After years of working as a communication adviser of politicians and international organisations (EU institutions, UN bodies, governments, and inter-governmental organisations), I’ve recently launched Spreadable.io; a platform of platforms for spreading ideas across political, digital, and physical platforms. Sreadable.io is delighted to have Harp Microcities as one of its partners!