We’ve asked for €10 Million and eventually raised €500 Million

We are very happy to announce that we have raised 500M EURO for Harp Micro Cities!

Harp Micro Cities is a new model for creating a place that meets the needs of the remote working community, freelancers, high-tech company employees and startups. 

Harp will be built at its base as a micro-city. A micro-city is a smart, ecological and innovative settlement based on community life, co-working spaces and recreation time. Harp creates a vibrant community adapted to the emerging lifestyle of working remotely.

In February 2020 we had several meetings with potential investors. They have asked us to show them more progress in order to move forward with the investment. 

We were invited to present the Harp solution at the first European Union workshop of “StartupVillages” on 25th of March 2020. That conference was supposed to be the springboard for adopting Harp. Then the Corona pandemic spreaded and brought the EU discussions to a halt.

At the beginning of the pandemic, it was unclear to us how it would affect the Harp initiative. Until March 2020, our target group was initially digital nomads for the first five years and then adding remote-working company employees. 

The tipping point

In 2020, there were eleven million digital nomads globally. The pandemic has created a huge worldwide shift in companies and people’s minds towards working from home. For many, it would stay that way after Corona would be history.


Regarding Harp, it gained two very important milestones:

  • A proof of concept. People and companies had to adapt to working remotely
  • A HUGE increase in target market  

We had to ‘recalculate our route’ and re-evaluate everything we did till that day. Rethinking the strategy of the early days of the Harp wasn’t easy. Just six months earlier, Hila Peled, Harp’s founder, relocated with her family from their comfortable life in Berlin to Portugal. The first Harp Micro City was supposed to be created in Portugal and now there’s a need to relocate again. 


The advantage is that we have realised that Israel, the Peled’s home country, is going to pioneer Harp.

Shortly after the direction shift,  Hila was on the phone raising €100 Million. Soon it grew up to  €500 Million from private investors. 

A factory for startups 


As we have raised more funds than planned, and with the new strategy and location, we are super excited to announce that we shall have our own startup factory and Venture Capital in Harp Micro Cities Israel.

We are already building the team of professionals for Harp Micro Cities. We are also forming the new companies, the new VC and seeking promising locations within the Israeli borders. 

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